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Long-listed for FT Business Book 2017 The inside story of Uber, the multi-billion dollar disruptor that has revolutionised the transportation industry around the world Uber is one of the most fascinating and controversial businesses in the world, both beloved for its elegant ride-hailing concept and heady growth, and condemned for CEO Travis Kalanick's ruthless pursuit of success at all cost. In Wild Ride, Adam Lashinsky, veteran Fortune writer and author of Inside Apple, traces the story of Uber's meteoric rise: from its murky origins to its plans for expansion into radically different industries. The company has already poached entire departments from top research universities in a push to build the first self-driving car and possibly replace the very drivers it's worked so hard to recruit. With access to current and former employees, as well as CEO Travis Kalanick, this book will be the first to unlock Uber's vault. It's a story that start-up founders, business executives, tech-savvy readers, and drivers and riders will find riveting. Adam Lashinsky's insightful dive, brimming with comments and confessions from CEO Travis Kalanick, would be worth reading even at surge pricing * Steven Levy, author of HACKERS and IN THE PLEX * insightful, enterprising, and energetic... a joy to read * Walter Isaacson, author of STEVE JOBS and THE INNOVATORS * an epic story in itself... Lashinsky's insight and extensive reporting guarantee that it's a valuable read as well * -Bethany McLean, author of ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE and THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM * Lashinsky captures Uber's epic ambitions with extraordinary access and keen judgment. It's a must read for everyone interested in business, technology, and the future. * John Doerr, chairman of Kleiner Perkins * Adam Lashinsky has nailed the formative ingredients which gave rise to the four-letter word known around the world-'Uber.' * Michael Moritz, partner at Sequoia Capital * Lashinsky takes you behind the many layers of tumult and ambition that created one of Silicon Valley's most controversial and disruptive juggernauts, Uber, and the company's insatiable, and often frightening, quest to win. * Nick Bilton, author of AMERICAN KINGPIN and HACKING TWITTER * Wild Ride is an intimate, absorbing tale about one of today's most fascinating and important companies and the driver behind its wheel * Greg Zuckerman, author of THE FRACKERS and THE GREATEST TRADE EVER *
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Adam Lashinsky
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