The Samurai

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In 1613 the missionary Father Pedro Velasco's dream comes . For the first time, the Japanese are going to cross the Pacific Ocean. And he is going with them. As he sets sail with a group of Samurai, for Mexico, then Spain and finally Rome, his zealous hope is that, by opening up relations with the western world, Japan will become ripe for conversion to Christianity - with him as Bishop. But fate has other plans for Father Velasco. A gripping portrayal of an extraordinary historical voyage, filled with danger and hardship, The Samurai is a haunting novel of endurance, faith and hubris. 'Endo to my mind is one of the finest living novelists' Graham Greene 'Powerful, beautifully written' New Statesman Powerful... beautifully written... a fascinating narrative with its double perspective from East to West * New Statesman * Endo is really like no one else... as that rarity, a Japanese Catholic, he has found a border territory--of cultural and psychological clash--which is all his own. * The Observer * Endo to my mind is one of the finest living novelists -- Graham Greene

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