Natural Capital Valuation. Recent advances from the perspective of sustainable development

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"The monograph is a systematic and multilateral introduction to the ecological economics and economy of sus-tainable development. It is the result of merging into a concise whole of the issues forming the process of the value of natural capital combined with the concept of sustainable development. The monograph is an original and creative contribution to the science of ecological economics in combining natural capital with civilization devel-opment in the context of the principles of sustainable development. "

Prof. Jerzy Zwoździak - Military University of Land Forces, Wrocław

"The book makes a critical reference to the neoclassical approach and clearly defines the research program of eco-logical economics. This is a position worth attention in Poland from this point of view. The book uses a number of current and discussed concepts: capability approach, deliberative methods, life satisfaction approach, social capi-tal concept, resilience. The authors indicate the possibilities of their use for integrated analyzes regarding the implementation of sustainable development. "

Prof. Piotr Matczak - Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

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