Good to Great

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Can a good company become a great one and, if so, how? After a five-year research project, Collins concludes that good to great can and does happen. In this book, he uncovers the underlying variables that enable any type of organization to make the leap from good to great while other organizations remain only good. Rigorously supported by evidence, his findings are surprising - at times even shocking - to the modern mind. Good to Great achieves a rare distinction: a management book full of vital ideas that reads as well as a fast-paced novel. "...the biggest selling and most influential management book of the new millennium." * Financial Times * "...seminal..." * The Times * "...a must-read..." * Management Today * "Peppered with dozens of stories and examples from the great and not-so-great, Collins lays a well-reasoned roadmap to excellence that any organisation would do well to consider. Like Built to Last, Good to Great is one of those books that managers and CEOs will be reading and rereading for years to come." * Review * "in this category (management books) there is nothing to touch Jim Collins... It is essential reading." * Sunday Times Business Books of the Year *

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