Jack Reacher. Tom 2. Die Trying

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Featuring Jack Reacher, hero of the blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise.

Jack Reacher, alone, strolling nowhere.

A Chicago street in bright sunshine. A young woman, struggling on crutches. He offers her a steadying arm. And turns to see a handgun aimed at his stomach. Chained in a dark van racing across America, Reacher doesn't know why they've been kidnapped. The woman claims to be FBI. She's certainly tough enough. But at their remote destination, will raw courage be enough to overcome the hopeless odds?

"Jack Reacher is a wonderfully epic hero; tough, taciturn, yet vulnerable... Irresistible" - People

"Reacher combines the physique of the Commando-period Schwarzenegger with the analytical brilliance of Sherlock Holmes" - Himself Magazine

"The taut plot, set firmly in headline territory, lays bare the world of the rabid, worm-like militias crawling in the political underbelly of America... This is an action adventure that never gives you a moment's peace and quiet - an excellent read" - Publishing News

"Cunning and explosive...A thumping good read" * Time Out * "A skilled, smart, violent page-turner" - Daily Express




Random House

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Lee Child



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Jack Reacher

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