Absolute Legal English + CD

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Absolute Legal English is a comprehensive coursebook for students of law and practising lawyers who wish to work in an international legal environment and need to extend their language skills. It is written in an accessible style by authors who combine experience in language teaching and legal authority. Absolute Legal English is informative and engaging and uses a variety of proven techniques from the field of language teaching combined with an authoritative knowledge of appropriate legal matters. Features: Consists of nine units which cover the main areas of international law. Covers Intellectual property, Competition law, Employment law, Contract law, Real property law, Company law and Environmental law. Each of the nine units gives practice in all four key language skills and all skills work is closely related to real working practice. Suitable for students preparing for the ILEC exam. Contains additional exam-type tasks for each ILEC paper plus specific exam advice Suitable for both class and self-study. Contains a glossary of additional useful terms. Contains audio transcripts, answer key and Audio CD.

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